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Mar 2, 2011

The Rule of Law in Israel, and Protests in Favor of Building for Jews

Rafi G. posted on his Life in Israel Blog an excellent post about this subject, and I agree with everything he said, and believe that he put it very fairly, properly and clearly.

Here is a link to the post:

As he pointed out in a comment, people need permits to construct buildings (or to add onto existing buildings) anywhere in Israel. So there is no excuse for unlawful activities in order to get more buildings built in Yehudah VeShomron (the West Bank). I very strongly feel that the government should continue building in Yehudah VeShomron, but as Rafi also pointed out, if we disagree with the way the government is implementing its policies, we must "use the political process to change the law, to change the government, to change the rules of engagement, but there has to be a rule of law".

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