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Mar 7, 2011

A Sad Day for Am Yisrael: Hearing a Rabbi Who Encourages Jews to Shoot Jewish Soldiers with Plastic Bullets

Unfortunately, there is a Rabbi, though he is far from mainstream Judaism, who is now encouraging Jews to shoot Jewish soldiers with plastic bullets, as a response to the reputed behavior of certain soldiers reacting to the behavior of demonstrators against the dismantling of buildings at Chavat Gilead.

Here is a link to an article in Hebrew about that Rabbi's comments (including a recording of the interview in which he stated his position):

And here is a link to a summarizing article in English about those comments:

Woe to us for having reached such depths that a Rabbi would think such thoughts and even express them in a radio interview. May we all be strengthened in our resolve NEVER to hurt another Jew, especially one of our own soldiers, even if he fulfills commands from his superiors which we condemn!

The way to change the policies implemented in our army is to exert our political influence to change the government's policies; not through practicing violence against our fellow Jews. If we are truly more righteous and more correct then they are, we must be all the more careful to act in the manner which we demand that they act; not in a manner which we condemn when they behave that way!

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