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Jun 22, 2010

Chareidi Leadership Where Are You?

The article at this link:
states that "Dozens of ultra-Orthodox attacked a vehicle traveling through Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighborhood Sunday evening because it had "Electra" stickers on it."

The Eidah Chareidit has a dispute with the Electra company, claiming that Electra is responsible for desecrating Jewish graves. Whatever the basis (or lack of basis) for this claim, it is certainly no justification for attacking vehicles, destroying property, and possibly harming people!

Why is it NEVER made clear in a manner that does not allow for misinterpretation (as far as I have seen in all my, more than thirty, years here in Israel) that whatever disagreements the Eidah Chareidit has with other Jews, this does not justify, in any way, the use of violence? It is always claimed that whoever violently supports the Eidah Chareidit views must be "misguided"; but it behooves all Chareidi leadership, and especially that of the Eidah Chareidit, whose "misguided" supporters often seem to be involved in violence, to issue a loud and clear statement that they consider anyone practicing violence to be violating HaShem's Torah in the worst way and to be worthy of all of the punishments which HaShem brings upon those who violate His Torah in such a way (the way they state about all sorts of other things which they consider extremely repugnant).

Where is the Chareidi leadership on this issue? Why don't other Chareidi groups take the Eidah Chareidit to task for this? Why doesn't the Eidah Chareidit itself deal with this forcefully? Many unanswered questions!

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