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Jun 7, 2010

Developments Relating to the New Chareidi Yeshiva High School of Bet Shemesh

There is a new Chareidi Yeshivah High School called "Yeshivat Bet Shemesh" or "Mesivta of Beit Shemesh", which is scheduled to open this coming Elul (2010).

Rafi's "Life in Israel" blog reported rumors of more extremist attempts to thwart the opening of the new Chareidi Yeshiva High School in Bet Shemesh:

He was also kind enough to post something about my efforts, along with the "usual crew of misfits" with whom I work against extremist intimidation and violence, to apprehend anyone who is trying to intimidate people on this issue as well as any other issue. The statement about my efforts is:

There is a new Chareidi Yeshivah High School with full secular studies curriculum, similar to Maarava, called Yeshivat Bet Shemesh, which will be opening in Ramat Bet Shemesh in Elul this year, and, of course, it has caused extremist Chareidi elements some consternation. Apparently an attempt is being made by certain people to intimidate or threaten parents into not sending their sons to this school, even though it may be davka appropriate for them.
Any such attempts which have been recorded (audio or video) should be passed on to those who are working to make this school a reality in RBS. Anyone who wants more information should contact Catriel Lev at

To clarify that my efforts, and those of the independent people with whom I am working to prevent intimidation and violence, are not connected in any way with the Yeshivah's administration or parents, I also posted this clarification on Rafi's blog:

Since it has been brought up in the comments to this blog:

I wish to clarify that I have no connection to the Yeshivah, and in no way represent the Yeshivah, and was not asked by anyone associated with the Yeshivah to collect information from the parents on behalf of the Yeshivah.
I am simply working with independent people who are trying to prevent extremists from intimidating people on any topic, including this one.

Let us hope that we may all be Zocheh to appreciate the Shivim Panim LaTorah (Seventy Faces of the Torah, a metaphor for tolerance of other people's views and Torah practices),

Catriel Lev

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