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Jun 10, 2010

The Great Baseball Player Pete Rose may have Cheated to Achieve a Record

As far as dealing with lack of truth and integrity in the world (one of the purposes of this blog, which is why I have the Hebrew word "Emmet" as part of the blog's name), there is an online article which cites claims of proof that Pete Rose used a corked bat in his chase to break Ty Cobb's hit record (which he only broke by 67 hits!).

There are questions as to whether cork in the bat actually helps a player get more hits, but it was certainly against the rules to use such a bat when Pete Rose was playing (and I believe that it is still against the rules). It is simply disgusting that even in sports people lacking integrity look for dishonest shortcuts to win and set records; and these days, with the steroids scandals, there are so many baseball records that are in question that, in my opinion, it becomes very demeaning to the sport.

Here is a link to the online article which brought this to my attention:;_ylt=Am9G8hNK0UZ.mHwP.4dDW1IRvLYF?urn=mlb,246560

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