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Jun 9, 2010

Hellen Thomas, and Jay Lenno's Retort

As most of us know, Hellen Thomas was forced into early retirement at 89 years of age after making obnoxious remarks about the Jews:

Kudo's to Rafi G's "Life in Israel" blog for publicizing a video of Jay Lenno's comedy routine which included a great retort on the Hellen Thomas situation:
Life in Israel: Jay Leno on Helen Thomas (video)

I'll repeat the main part here.

Jay Lenno got to the core of Hellen Thomas' problem that forced her into early retirement at 89 years of age. He put it this way in his comedy routine:
She said, "Jews should leave the Middle East and go back to where they came from." The problem is: that's where they came from, it's the Middle East, okay. It's in a book it's called, "The Bible"; and a great movie too!

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