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Jun 22, 2010

Inconsistencies in the Chareidi Bet Din's Claim to be Neutral Arbiter!

The article at this link:
cites the evidence which Rav Yaacov Yosef has presented that the Chareidi Bet Din claiming to be neutral arbiter in the case of the warring Chareidi factions in Emanuel is actually very biased in favor of the "Ahkenazi" extremist side.

I suppose that it is no surprise, but it is disappointing, that a supposedly neutral arbiter, in a case where neutral arbitration could help things a whole lot, is actually biased in favor of the extremists. Chareidi extremists are always claiming that they have rights to which no one else is entitled, so why shouldn't they "stack the deck" when they finally agree to supposedly neutral arbitration?

The entire situation in Emanuel should not have gotten to the stage where the disadvantaged side felt it had to file an Israeli Supreme Court case in order to get justice. Why do Chareidi extremists feel that they can flaunt everyone else's wellbeing both spiritually and physically to achieve their aims? Where is the Ahavat Yisrael which is supposed to be part of their actions as religious Jews?

And most disheartening, where is the Chareidi leadership on this issue, and on any issue where the Chareidi extremists cause grief to all other Jews? Why is there only one Chareidi Rabbi (to my knowledge, and he is in the USA) who is even willing to deal with such issues? More unanswered questions!

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